Tommy Wiseau Screenwriting Masterclass

March 6, 2017

If you understand life and are looking to take your screenwriting to the next level, check out this class! 

Music courtesy Jason Shaw---"Forever Believe"---via the Free Music Archive

Sound effects courtesy"Typewriter and Bell Sound" by tamskp and "Shooting Star" by Mike Koenig


“Stone Cold Steve Austin” Responds to the “Iron Sheik”

January 25, 2017

Following a provocation by the "Sheik", "Stone Cold" throws down the gauntlet. Sound FX courtesy of Inspector J ("Glass Smash, Bottle, C.wav") and Limbo63 ("SaltAndPepperShakers.WAV") via


Sheik on the Silver Screen

January 17, 2017

The "Iron Sheik" weighs in on the 2017 Oscar nominees and issues a challenge to "Stone Cold Steve Austin".


Our Listeners Discuss Their New Year’s Resolutions

January 9, 2017

We asked our listeners to call in and discuss their new year's resolutions with us. Here's what we got back. 


Music: "Auld Lang Syne" courtesy of the United States Marine Band from the Free Music Archive


The 12 Days of Krampus

December 24, 2016

Enjoy a sure-to-be holiday classic this Christmas Eve with a special musical treat from Rotting Lutefisk Filth!


Ding Dongle Merrily On High

December 23, 2016

A Fast Buy employee and a Luddite grandpa share a moment during the holiday shopping season. 


Black Metal Friday

November 21, 2016

A metal superfan learns an important lesson about Internet chatter. 


Dial It In For Doug!

November 7, 2016

This November 8, we encourage you to #DialForDoug.


Antonio’s “Bander-assance”

October 30, 2016

In which Antonio seeks to revive his career through indie film. 



October 20, 2016

This week, Dan speaks with Nirvana conspiracy theorist Larry Glockenspiel, we hear about listeners' favorite albums, and Curtis lists his 5 "desert island" records.